Open Question: How to save hair follicles, feel like they got burned by apple cider vinegar (acid)?

I did an apple cider vinegar rinse on my hair. Maybe I didn’t dilute it enough (used about 50/50 acv and water).

My hair got a lot thinner and drier, and my scalp has been slightly tingly and mildly burning off and on for two days. It feels mildly painful.

It doesn’t feel serious but I wonder if the hair follicles could be damaged or burned by the acid, and what could I do to help them to recover.

(I tend to be sensitive to pain in general, I sort of have fibromyalgia or something so my pain threshold is low, maybe some other person would not be feeling anything).

I tried using olive oil to moisturize my scalp. I’m eating a really good diet and getting plenty of vegetables and vitamins. I am also wearing a winter hat to keep my head warm and promote circulation.

Should my hair be ok? I just hope I haven’t damaged the follicles permanently.

Is there anything I can do, like antioxidants, moisturizing the scalp, putting vitamins on the scalp, etc. that could help?

I ordered some hair thickening natural shampoo with biotin.

Be careful with apple cider vinegar, you really need to dilute it a lot, like 1/2 tbsp per lots of water. It can dry out your hair and burn your scalp!

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